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Stewardship & Administrative Ministries

Under the direction of the Junior Wardens and Vestry, the Buildings and Grounds Committee takes care of all aspects of Christ Church's physical plant. This group oversees building improvements and additions and plans parish work days.
Contact:Joe Conklin, Junior Warden

The Finance Committee assists the parish treasurer in exercising stewardship over Christ Church's financial resources. This group works to ensure that we make the best possible choices as we spend and invest our financial resources.
Contact person: Liz Heath (treasurer)

The Stewardship Committee conducts conduct year-round stewardship education and plans, monitors, and reports on the annual stewardship season. Its goal is to make sure we have necessary resources to continue to spread God's kingdom and serve in God's name, and to allow all who come an opportunity to serve our Lord using time, talent, and money. Contact person: the Rector

The Vestry is the elected Board of Directors of the parish, responsible for all financial affairs as well as the calling and support of clergy. Vestry members are elected for three-year terms at the annual parish meeting in early February.
Contact person: Fran Blair, Senior Warden